How about making your dress on your own? If you are familiar with the styling and fashion, then you can design incredible looking dress, that will suite your balayage highlighted hair, on your own with the sewing machine. Dresses sewed on hands are more durable,  and stitching can be done perfectly.

We are here sharing how sewing a dress without a sewing machine is possible on hands only. If you are curious to understand about sewing dress without a sewing machine, then continue reading.

How to sew a dress without a sewing machine?

Technology has played its part and introduced sewing machine that has made sewing of dress easier than before. Traditionally, people used to practice the dress sewing on hand, and that’s the reason why clothes were so durable and didn’t require any alter and were perfectly fitted.

sewing process

If you are making a dress by hands, then all you require is sewing pin and thread that is all you require for sewing and completing a dress on your hands. You can learn about the sewing procedure from web or expert sewers himself/herself to get familiar with the process and technique.

No longer people are free to practice sewing a dress at home, so they are eager to get dresses already sewed. For practising sewing, you can get started with patterns and instructions for several garments and variations. The process of sewing is easier than you think and surely rewarding as you can save up on cost easily and get rewarded.

So, this was all about how you can sew a dress without a sewing machine but on hands. However, there is no denial into the aspect sewing on hand is great, but it is not really practical to sew the dress on hand due to rush in modern lives. Henceforth, it is considerable for people to pick for the sewing machine for sewing a dress regardless of going for sewing thing on your own.


Let us conclude from the article that it is appropriate to learn the practice of sewing process that makes it easier for people to comprehend easy making of the fitted dress made without the sewing machine. In addition, if you practice sewing on hand, then you would require minimal tools that are thread and sewing pin only unlike a sewing machine that is full of investment. We hope you find details stated above helpful in comprehending how great it is to sew without the sewing machine.